Why I Went to Thailand

I taught English in Tha Wang Pha, in the northern province of Nan (northeast of Chiang Mai, next to the border of Laos) for ten months. I love to learn new languages, try new foods and meet interesting people and Thailand fulfilled all of those interests for me and more.

Some of my favorite things about Thailand are: the amazingly friendly people, it always surprises me how people will go out of their way to provide a helping hand in any way they can; the cheap prices, it is amazing how cheap it is to eat a great meal or get a traditional Thai massage; and of course the beautiful scenery, from beaches to mountains, cities to jungles, Thailand has quite an interesting mix of beautiful places and I loved exploring all parts of the country!

2 thoughts on “Why I Went to Thailand

  1. Sue Dooley

    Hey Cody,

    It sounds like you are having a blast!!! I particularly loved the part of you climbing up the waterfall to get into the little cave!!! I was getting really concerned that you could have slipped and hurt yourself, but I was so glad that you didn’t. You are having so many adventures!

    Life in the States goes on as usual. Kristen is living in SF right now and trying to become a professional dancer. She had her first two performances last week. She belongs to several troupes, but the one that performed last week is a very small one of six dancers. They did a little piece that was set in the 1920’s and seemed to have the theme of “dance until you drop.” All the dancers were dressed in the style of the time, and depicted scenes of dancing until they were exhausted, and dancing in places they weren’t suppose to be and then sneaking out when they thought some higher official was entering the place. It was all very entertaining and fun to watch.

    Kathy is in Minnesota doing an internship this summer dealing with computers and the environment. She is having a lot of fun with friends that live in the area. Last weekend she went to some small festival where there was a small band.

    In August, our family plans to meet at my Mom’s NH place for awhile. That will be fun to see the girls.

    Well, it seems unreal that you are so far away. Your adventures remind me of some trips that I have taken in Costa Rica and India. You are definitely the foreigner, but the local people are always so friendly and helpful. What an experience!!! I am so happy for you. Please keep up your blog. It is so much fun to read!!!

    Well, take care and have lots of fun!!!


    Sue Dooley

    1. Hey Sue,
      Thank you for the comment! Thailand has been great so far, everything is so new and different that it makes every day interesting in its own way.

      It sounds like Kristen is having a great time in SF, and that dance troupe sounds really cool – it would be interesting to see.

      Kathy also sounds like she has an interesting internship, I bet Minnesota is a nice place to be during the summer.

      Thanks again for the comment, I will definitely try and update this as much as possible!


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